12. OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) 2019.12 / Dovetail 3.0.0 Release Note

12.1. OPNFV 2019.12 Release

The OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) allows vendors and operators to obtain ‘OPNFV Verified’ status based on an agreed upon set of compliance verification test cases that align to OPNFV releases. The reference System under Test (SUT) is either the NFV components deployed by the OPNFV installers for a given release, where OVP 2019.12 is based on the OPNFV Hunter release, or a VNF being on-boarded and orchestrated by the ONAP El Alto release. Participants of the program can verify commercial or open source offerings against an OVP release. This implies that the SUT used for verification has interfaces, components, functions and behaviors that align to OPNFV installer integrations and ONAP deployments.

Dovetail is the overall framework used to execute tests and collect results for the OVP Infrastructure badge. Dovetail does not deliver test content directly. Rather, test content is developed in other OPNFV test frameworks such as Functest and upstream test communities such as OpenStack’s RefStack/Tempest projects. Dovetail leverages this upstream test content and provides a common set of test platform services for the OVP.

Approved test tools (OPNFV Dovetail, ONAP VTP, and ONAP VVP) work in conjunction with a web portal interface dubbed the ‘OVP web portal’ to allow users to upload test results to a centralized community repository. This facilitates user collaboration, result sharing, self-testing and community reviews. It also serves as a hub for new participants to learn about the program and access key resources. The link for this portal is at: OPNFV Verification Program.

Use of the OVP web portal is open to all and only requires a valid Linux Foundation ID to login. Users are welcome to use the portal to upload, inspect and share results in a private manner. In order to submit results for official review, the first step is apply for acceptance into the program with the participation form provided in the link: OPNFV Verification Program Participation Form

12.1.1. NFVI Test Suites and Test Areas

OVP/Dovetail groups test cases into test suites and test areas. Test suites are currently a basic categorization around releases for the most part. Executing the test suite ‘ovp.2019.12’ without further specification will run all the test cases in the OVP 2019.12 release. Test suites are divided into test areas that can be executed separately.

Test cases include a division into ‘mandatory’ and ‘optional’ in an overarching categorization.

All the mandatory test cases are required to be executed with passing results for all inclusive test cases for results to be reviewed and approved by the community made up of peer reviewers. The optional test cases are not required to be executed for the official compliance verification review in the OVP 2019.12 release. However, execution of these cases is encouraged, as some optional test cases may become mandatory in future releases.

12.1.2. NFVI Test Cases and Sub Test Cases

Each test area consists of multiple test cases where each test case can be a single test or broken down into sub test cases. A listing of test cases with the number of sub test cases noted in parenthesis is shown below for the OVP 2019.12 release.


  • bottlenecks.stress.ping (1)

  • functest.vping.userdata (1)

  • functest.vping.ssh (1)

  • functest.tempest.osinterop (219)

  • functest.tempest.compute (12)

  • functest.tempest.identity_v3 (11)

  • functest.tempest.image (2)

  • functest.tempest.network_api (14)

  • functest.tempest.volume (2)

  • functest.tempest.neutron_trunk_ports (38)

  • functest.tempest.ipv6_api (21)

  • functest.security.patrole (124)

  • yardstick.ha.nova_api (1)

  • yardstick.ha.neutron_server (1)

  • yardstick.ha.keystone (1)

  • yardstick.ha.glance_api (1)

  • yardstick.ha.cinder_api (1)

  • yardstick.ha.cpu_load (1)

  • yardstick.ha.disk_load (1)

  • yardstick.ha.haproxy (1)

  • yardstick.ha.rabbitmq (1)

  • yardstick.ha.database (1)

There are a total of 456 mandatory test cases.


  • functest.vnf.vims (1)

  • functest.vnf.vepc (1)

  • functest.tempest.ipv6_scenario (8)

  • functest.tempest.multi_node_scheduling (6)

  • functest.tempest.network_security (6)

  • functest.tempest.vm_lifecycle (12)

  • functest.tempest.network_scenario (5)

  • functest.tempest.bgpvpn (21)

  • functest.security.patrole_vxlan_dependent (2)

  • yardstick.ha.neutron_l3_agent (1)

  • yardstick.ha.controller_restart (1)

There are a total of 64 optional test cases.

12.1.3. OPNFV Test Projects and Components

The OPNFV test frameworks integrated into the Dovetail framework that deliver test content are:

  • Functest (leverages OpenStack RefStack/Tempest projects in addition to supplying native test cases)

  • Yardstick

  • Bottlenecks

12.1.4. ONAP Test Projects and Components

The ONAP test projects and components used with this OVP release to provide the test requirements and test scripting are:



  • VVP

12.1.5. Acceptence and Marketing

Upon successful community review of results for OVP 2019.12, the Linux Foundation Compliance Verification Committee (LFN CVC) on behalf of the Board of Directors can award a product ‘OPNFV Verified’ status. Use of ‘OPNFV Verified’ Program Marks shall be awarded to the platform used for compliance verification. The category label of ‘Infrastructure’ is used within the Program Marks logo and limits the scope of this OVP release to a SUT consisting of NFVI and VIM components using ETSI terminology. It does not provide compliance verification for specific VNFs in any fashion. The date ‘2019.12’ corresponds to a reference SUT that aligns to the OPNFV Hunter release and currently aligns to the Dovetail framework version 3.0.0.

Organizations shall not use the Program Marks in any way that would associate it with any individual or company logo or brand, beyond the association to the specific platform to which it was awarded. While OpenStack RefStack interoperability and Tempest integration test cases are executed as part of the OVP 2019.12 compliance verification test suites, the OVP does not grant or award OpenStack Marks in any fashion. ‘OPNFV Verified’ status does not assert readiness for commercial deployment.

Please refer to the program governance guidelines and term & conditions documents for additional details using the respective links:

12.2. Release Data



Repo tag


Release designation

OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) 2019.12 (Hunter)

Release date

December 2019

Purpose of the delivery

Support OVP 2019.12 release with OPNFV Hunter release as reference SUT


Point release ovp-3.0.1 updates, changes, and corrects the documentation only.

12.3. Deliverables

12.3.1. Software OPNFV Software

Docker Container

Docker Image




















Docker images: ONAP Software


Repo Link

VTP/VNFSDK Test Scripts


VVP Robot Test Scripts


12.4. Testing with OPNFV Hunter Installers

OVP 2019.12 and Dovetail 3.0.0 are known to be have been tested with the following OPNFV Hunter installer versions.





12.5. Hunter Known Restrictions/Issues

Please refer to the OPNFV and ONAP JIRA for known issues with each applicable project: