1. OPNFV Verification Program Application FormΒΆ



Organization name

Organization name

Organization website

Organization website if it is public

Product name and/or identifier

Product name and/or identifier

Product specifications

A link of product specifications

Product public documentation

A link of product public documentation

Product categories

Choose one: (i) software and hardware (ii) software and third party hardware

Primary contact name


Primary business email

Only the Business email address should be used for official communication with OPNFV OVP

Primary postal address


Primary phone number

Phone Number

User ID for OVP web portal

Choose one: (i) Linux Foundation (ii) Openstack (iii) Github (iv) Google (v) Facebook ID

User ID:


Choose one: (i)internal vendor lab (ii) third-party lab

Name and address:

Information of the 3rd-party lab

If the test is to be conducted by a third-party lab, including name, email, address and phone number